HOWARD FILM CO. is based in Northeast LA and collaborates frequently on projects with Brumley & Wells and The Wells Makery; his work can also be seen featured on Wedding Sparrow.

HOWARD FILM CO. takes its name from Brian’s great grandfather, Howie–an Ohio nurseryman, photographer, darkroom printer and fisherman who practiced 16mm filmmaking in the early 20th century when it was first introduced to the public. Following in his footsteps, HOWARD FILM CO. captures events on Kodak motion picture film, creating an authentic, analog chronicle of your love story or wedding day. More than a destination wedding videographer, Brian is a true documentarian who will remain attentive yet unobtrusive, capturing the intimacy of your special day with great care.

Film in all of its imperfections is the best medium for telling the human story; don’t let your wedding movie grow up to be a Quicktime file. From the first frame to final delivery, the work of HOWARD FILM CO. is birthed from a love of all things tangible. Filmmakers and photographers the world over are making a return to analog because, quite simply, it is the most mythic and aesthetically pleasing format available for creating motion pictures. The beauty of a super 8 wedding video is the fact that your film will outlive you. You’ll get to hang on to your negatives which can last for generations when they’re stored properly.


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